Fabexx™ fabric signs, displays & lighting

Fabexx™ can be used to replace every traditional internal graphic & image method such as cut self-adhesive film, digitally printed self-adhesive film, digitally printed foam boards, printed wall paper & traditional light boxes.

Utilising special aluminium profiles, these systems are designed to be used either as a once off install or particularly when regular image & graphic changes are required.  All this without the need for specialist installers or tools.

After the initial installation, Fabexx™ makes it easy to use your own staff to hit those simultaneous campaign deadlines each time, every time & with no troublesome out of hours access arrangements & logistic problems, saving you time, money & hassle!

The real benefit of this system is our ‘Graphics Only’ delivery service which means that, timing & distance are no longer a hindrance when changing campaigns or information.  We supply graphics to customers all across the world.

Whether it’s the standard Fabexx™, Fabexx Luma™ single or double-sided illuminated version, Fabexx Magna™, magnetic merchandising display, Fabexx Signa™ for the extra sophistication of illuminated 3D branding and logos or, the Fabexx Fonix™ sound absorbing system, we have something that will be perfect for your needs.

There are many advantages such as;

  • no unsightly jointing or overlaps
  • easy to install
  • extremely quick to change the image or graphic
  • reduced logistics costs
  • no specialist transportation
  • no specialist installers required
  • graphics & images can be illuminated
  • single or double-sided.
  • B1 fire rating on all fabrics (carried out by a German test centre)
  • quick & easy to assemble & disassemble

Fabexx™ offers a bespoke image &/or graphic reproduction service.  The graphics dimensions can be up to 3.1m in height or width by whatever length meaning that floor to ceiling graphics are not a problem anymore.

The other advantage is the ability to use Fabexx™ for doors, around doors/windows & other obstacles, such as Break Glass alarm units & electrical switches etc..  We also supply special clear ‘Push Plate’ & stainless steel ‘Pull Handle’ systems that are simple to use & can be removed & refitted by anyone.

Fabexx™ can also be used for;

  • exhibition stands
  • light features
  • ceilings
  • walls
  • suspended
  • free-standing
  • magnetised display systems
  • sound absorption acoustic paneling
  • work station screens
  • reception desk branding
  • speaker covers

The possibilities are truly endless.

We have specialist manufacturing and design facilities, so that we can offer a bespoke service, if you have a particular or unique requirement, don’t worry we can help.

It’s easy, call now for a no obligation quotation or advice.