Sentile™ flexible DDA compliant signage

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) signage are signs which are specifically designed for the visually impaired. Those signs which are within reach have to include Braille and
tactile lettering, numerals and symbols.

Sentile™ signs are fully compliant with current DDA recommendations and guidelines.

What is Braille?

Braille is the use of raised, domed protrusions on a surface in the form of the Braille alphabet. This system is used to convey information to those with knowledge of Braille.

There are variations on the methods of Braille used on signs, such as Raster, Moulded, Photopolymer and etched metal.

Sentile™ signs use the Raster Braille method, which is widely acknowledged as being the preferred method by Braille users.

An additional consideration for these signs is the text, which should be in relief from the sign surface. The text should also have chamfered edges to aid and enhance tactile interpretation of the information.