Company Background

aboutJohn Friel has been involved in sign manufacture for over thirty years with a track record that demonstrates an unfaltering dedication to quality. Today the next generation of Friels continue this tradition but with a new groundbreaking approach.

Visual Edge is a company taking sign design into the future with a combination of traditional craftwork with high tech computer aided design and manufacturing systems.

Our range of products cover a wide spectrum – from minor projects to complete facelifts.

Commissions range in value and are carried out to time within the cost and quality parameters agreed with the client. The choice of sign services, range from the initial concept, design and engineering through to manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Visual Edge is experienced in fabricating from a vast array of substrates including plastics, alloys, stainless steels and other metals.


To create signs that enhance our customer’s image.

Mission Statement

To advance our business and the business of our customers through continuous development and progression of sign technology.