3D Signs

3D Letters - Three dimensional lettering are letters which have to be individually created. In addition, the letters are then given a side, which can…Read More

Digital Printing

Full colour digital prints are ideal for all internal and external walls, windows and floors.  Whether it's for information, advertising or discretion With original artwork and…Read More

Digital Signage

We offer an extensive range of Digital Signage for every need across the UK and Ireland for sale, lease or hire. We can provide full remote…Read More

Dye Sublimation Printing

We are one of the very few genuine Dye Sublimation printing companies in the UK and Ireland that can print onto textiles in house. Dye…Read More

Fabexx™ Fabric Display Systems

Fabexx™ can be used to replace every traditional internal branding, graphic and image method such as cut self-adhesive film, digitally printed self-adhesive film, digitally printed…Read More

Fabexx™ ZERØ exhibition stands

Fabexx™ ZERØ is a new generation of illuminated display system.  ideal for exhibitions or as a backdrop for events or conferences. It's very easy to…Read More

Free-standing signs

Three different types fall into this group: Totem Gantry Post & Panel Totems consist of a steel framework, sheeted on both sides from the ground…Read More

Lamina™ wall protection

Lamina™ is a wall paneling system used for the protection, decoration and for branding graphics and images. Lamina utilises a special Sub-Surface™ encapsulation technology processes and techniques…Read More

Neon & LED Lighting

We have been designing, manufacturing and adapting all kinds of specialist lighting for over five decades. We can design, supply, install and maintain both real…Read More

Projecting & Vertical signs

Projecting and vertical are signs which protrude from a structure such as a building or post. These can be either single or double sided; vertical…Read More


PromoLITE™ illuminated unit including a Standard PromoPANEL™ (comes complete with electrical plug and suspension kit). PromoLITE™ is an eyecatching edge lit promotional unit that can…Read More

Radient™ Illuminated Fascias

The contemporary range of Radient™ illuminated fascias offer a very clean aesthetic with a modern finish. The range offers striking lighting effects to suit almost…Read More