Fabexx™ ZERØ exhibition stands

Fabexx™ ZERØ is a new generation of illuminated display system.  ideal for exhibitions or as a backdrop for events or conferences.

It’s very easy to build and dismantle.  It has an integrated connection system which means that there are no cables to connect or lose and 24v DC power means it’s safe to use!

All the individual sections are marked with symbols that are simply matched and attached.

Every Fabexx™ ZERØ comes complete with it’s own wheelie/carrier bag so it’s easy to transport.

Fabexx™ ZERØ is available in a variety of sizes and can be purchased or hired.

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration or to get advice on how best to make use of the system for your next event, conference or exhibition.


Click on the video below to find out what Fabexx™ ZERØ is and how it can be used and how easy it is to build 

Click on the video below to find how Fabexx™ ZERØ can be connected and configured in different ways 

Click on the video below to find how the Fabexx™ ZERØ feet are used and removed