PromoLITE™ illuminated unit including a Standard PromoPANEL™ (comes complete with electrical plug and suspension kit).

PromoLITE™ is an eyecatching edge lit promotional unit that can quickly be installed in your premises to capture your customers’ attention.

The product is available as a single or double-sided unit, comes in a range of sizes. Single or mutilple illuminated colours and backgrounds can be achieved to match your designs.

The header unit is constructed from aluminium with an anodised finish to increase it’s durability and add a clean modern aesthetic. The header unit is extremely slim (30mm Wide) in profile, to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Features included in the system:

Quick installation as wall mounted, ceiling mounted or suspended (kit supplied).

The two part extrusion allows for easy access to the electrics and the replacement of the interchangablePromoPANEL™. The design also enables simple installation and maintenance.

The clear PromoPANEL™ can be removed easily and additional panels with alternative messages fitted, giving you the opportunity to keep your promotions fresh and up to date!

PromoLITE™ is available in standard widths listed below:

  • 315mm
  • 540mm
  • 630mm
  • 855mm
  • 945mm
  • 1080mm
  • 1170mm
  • 1260mm
  • 1395mm
  • 1485mm

PromoPANELS™ are available in standard heights from 200mm up to600mm in 50mm increments.

Other sizes are available on request, please contact our office for further information.