Digital Signage

We offer an extensive range of Digital Signage for every need across the UK and Ireland for sale, lease or hire.

We can provide full remote content uploading service via WiFi or 4G communication (broadband and 4G services to be provided by customer).

We also offer full content creation, editing, and file format conversion if required.  We can also work closely with third party content providers.

  • LED video walls, floors and ceilings
  • LCD digital screens
  • Touch Screens
  • Remote access
  • Content uploads and removal
  • Content scheduling
  • Content creation and editing

We can supply LED screens and video walls for both indoor and outdoor use in a variety of resolutions from P0.9 up to P25.  The ‘P’ value is the space in millimetres between each individual LED diode or ‘pixel’.  The value required will differ depending on the resolution preferred and which is the most suitable for any given circumstance.  We will advise as to the best resolution to use (see below video showing a P3.9 LED screen 2000x2500mm high).

We also supply super high resolution LCD screens for indoor use.  These screens are particularly suited for smaller screen requirements.  A variety of screen sizes are available from 10″ up to 102″ (see below video showing a 98″ 4k LCD screen).

Finally, we also offer Touch Screens for more complex User Experience requirements, applications and advertising (see below video showing a 55″ high resolution LCD screen).

Because of our manufacturing capability and lighting expertise we are able to create customised housing, cowlings and stands, complete with corporate branding and colours.  We can also offer illuminated branding including neon.

Contact us for professional advice on which is the best Digital Signage for you.

Click on the video below to see a P3.9 resolution LED screen with neon branding ↓

Click on the video below to see a fantastic 98 inch 4k digital signage ↓

Click on the video below to see a 55″ Touch Screen in action ↓