Below is a list of questions most commonly asked by individuals who were wishing to purchase a sign. We hope that the answers help to make a more informed decision.

I need a sign, what should I do now?
Simple, talk to us! Call or office on 028 7138 3904 or e-mail us at [email protected]

1. What is a sign?

Signs can take various forms and perform various functions depending on, who it’s for, what it’s for, where it’s for, when it’s for and why it’s needed. From the basic door nameplate sign to large airport and arena signage programmes, there is a vast array of sign sizes and types available to choose from.

The amount of signs on offer can be a bit overwhelming to be honest. That’s where you need a reputable sign company, not only to help steer you through the various options but also produce and install the type of signs that will work best for your business.

2. What type of signs should I choose?

It depends on what function you want the sign to perform, where you are located, what type of business you are in, what type of impression you wish to project and who you wish to attract to your business. We can advise you on the right sign solution for you, just call our office.

3. Are signs available from stock?

We do not carry any stock of actual signs. However, we do carry basic stock materials to allow for a faster manufacturing turnaround. Although, until the complete design of a bespoke sign has been finalised and approved, no one really knows what stock to procure!

4. How long does it take to make a sign?

Depending on scheduling, stock availability, complexity and size, a sign could be produced the same day or after a couple of days. For most moderate signage projects, we like to allow 3-6 weeks. Obviously, the larger the project the longer the time scale. We will provide likely production times with all our proposals.

5. How much does a sign cost?

Again it depends on the type of sign you select. It’s difficult to give an accurate cost until the design has been finalised. However, we do provide full written quotations with all our proposals.

6. Why do some types of signs seem expensive?

Sign costs are directly linked to the nature, level of sophistication and technologies used in the manufacture and installation of any given sign. From a flat panel sign which, depending on scale, could take a few hours to produce, up to several days, or even weeks, to design, engineer, manufacture and install more advanced sign types.

7. I've got quotes from different sign companies but there are big differences between what they say I need and how much they all cost, why?

A full explanation for this question could take a long time, however, we’ll try to keep it brief! In our experience most customers are never offered the full range of sign types which are available. The main reason for this is because some signs are quite complex and, a lot of companies or individuals, don’t have the skills, experience or technology to make them. Beware of false economies, buying what appears to be a seemingly inexpensive sign, could cost you a lot more than the money you've handed over! The cost to your reputation won’t show up on your bank statement immediately, but it will eventually!!

8. Aren't all sign companies the same?

Definitely NOT! In recent times there has been a plethora of ‘sign’ companies appearing in the market place, leaving potential customers with an absolute minefield to navigate through. Although is would seem at first glance, that there is a wealth of choice from sign companies, the truth is, that most are just ‘graphics’ companies and will be short of the basic understanding of engineering required to actually fabricate and manufacture proper signs. Some companies will take advantage of the understandable lack of intimate sign knowledge that most prospective customers would have. Any ‘sign’ company will sell you a sign, but a frightening amount fail to appreciate the true purpose of a sign and what it is supposed to achieve for the customer. But don’t fret, we DO know!

9. What should I consider before buying a sign?

We would advise that you ask a lot of probing questions, like:

Who has the knowledge to offer practical advice?
Who is going to produce the sign?
Do they have the appropriate portfolio?
What type of signs can they produce?
Am I satisfied that I have been given all the information needed to make an informed choice? What experience does the company have?
Do they have a track record?
Do they have enough appreciation of my business to offer me the correct sign solution?

It is best to ensure you are dealing with a long established, bona-fide, legitimate, registered company, before parting with your hard earned cash.

10. How can I get a quote?

If you’ve got access to the internet, the quickest way to proceed is to take a few photographs of the premises in question, and take a representative measurement of a door or window. E-mail the information, photographs and your contact details to us at: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. It is always best to call our office to check that we have in fact received your e-mail.

11. Can I call at your office?

Yes, of course! Just pick up the phone and make an appointment. We’ll have the coffee ready! Please click on the link for our location map…

12. Can someone from your office call at my premises?

Yes, this is an essential element of the process of making bespoke signage. We always suggest carrying out an on-site survey to clarify all the details of the project.

13. I need some Graphic Design; can you do it for me?

We always recommend that you go to a respected and dedicated graphic design house or graphic designer for this type of service. With our years of experience, we realise that there is no substitute for good graphic design carried out by a professional. Their work not only communicates better with your target audience but will have a more comprehensive approach.

14. Do I have to go to a graphic designer before you can make a sign for me?

No, we do offer a Typographical design service, which includes, font selection, colours, wording and layout. Sometimes this service is all that most people require.

15. I already have my graphic design artwork completed; can you work with what I've got?

Yes, we often work with clients who have completed design work and all it needs is interpretation by proper sign designers to make it work.

16. What scale of projects do you undertake?

We have no minimum size for projects, only a minimum cost of £50.00 + VAT (this is mainly to cover system administration and paperwork costs). We have carried out complete All-Ireland re-branding programmes for large corporate companies, as well as projects for airports and large venue arenas. We have also carried out work for companies with outlets in England and Scotland. So, scale and geography are not an issue for us.