Radient™ Illuminated Fascias

The contemporary range of Radient™ illuminated fascias offer a very clean aesthetic with a modern finish.

The range offers striking lighting effects to suit almost any requirement. The Radient™ range is precision engineered for that sleek visual line, most sought by professional designers. Radient™ also offers a high degree of control to its’ illumination, especially desired by those trading in restricted or conservation areas. The effectiveness of Radient™ illumination against other competing sources of light is greatly appreciated by those who operate either within shopping centres or on the high street.

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing but with the correct forward planning, this range has also been used to spectacular affect to blend in with traditional wooden fascias.

Radient™ illumination is available in a range of either single or combined static colours, as well as changing and moving colours, please ring our office for further details.

Radient™ dimensions are typically project 100mm from facade but we can design specific projections to suit particular elevations or environments, please ring our office for further details.

Radient™ backgrounds are available in many different options. Up to *45 different colours, 6 metallic colours, 5 brushed and mirrored finishes. Special bespoke colours are also available, please ring our office for further details and RAL colour references.
*Colour availability subject to supplier’s stock levels.

HIO – High Intensity Outline
(Movie Planet, SK2)

This effect has a huge and unique impact upon the observer.
The effect is achieved using powerful illuminated outline around each individual letter.

Its’ strong visibility is recommended where there is a real need to get noticed, but because of its bold appearance this method is not suitable for every application.

IFF – Inlaid Flush Fit

This effect has a very clean and subtle appearance with the lettering and background on the same level/plane.

It is achieved by confining the illumination to the area covered by the letter only and thus eliminating any spread of light.

This method also has a strong illuminating presence and is suitable in a wide variety of applications

IPF – Inlaid Protrusion Fit
(McFarland, Remus, Ebony, Rath Mor)

This effect is more adventurous, with the lettering being pushed forward from its’ background.

Two different modes of illumination can be achieved. With light emanating from the protruding edge of the letter creating a halo or glow. The face of the letter can be controlled to be either illuminated or not, depending on the desired effect.

This method can be utilised in many ways, offering both strong or subtle illumination options depending on the requirement.

FCF – Floating Clear Fit
(Dental Care, Argento)

This effect was originally designed for clients who wanted a fascia with floating lettering and controlled illumination.

The letters actually float clear of the background with illumination generated through a subtle glow around the edge of each letter.

This method therefore is more suited to applications requiring a more restrained or conservative approach.

FCR – Fret Cut Recessed
(Your Health In Your Hands)

This recessed effect restricts the amount by which the light spreads out from the lettering. To that end it is similar to the IFF option but without the flush finish.
Of course, we can offer many combinations of the options previously outlined. Please contact our office for further details.