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Hotel Chocolat

As one of the fastest growing retailers in the UK, Hotel Chocolat has used Visual Edge branding and visual communication products from their first Belfast based store opened in 2011.

Due to the recognised success of that first store opening they have repeatedly used Visual Edge for their retail branding and LED lighting requirements across the UK.  One of the founders who visited the opening of the new store singled out our branding for particular praise and remarked that the signage was “by far the best that he’d seen on any of their stores” and as a direct result we have supplied many more stores since.

We have successfully supplied and travelled to many store locations all over the British Isles from Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

You can find out more about Hotel Chocolat here

Yankee Store

Yankee Store is a company on the move and has expanded it’s retail operation throughout the UK and Ireland.

Yankee Store has a dual approach to selling both through physical stores and online.   Like many retailers they believe it is necessary to have a presence in both areas.

Visual Edge has worked closely with the company to develop it’s brand identity from the very first store in Castlecourt shopping centre in Belfast.

Since then it has gone on to successfully open over 14 stores in various locations throughout the UK and Ireland.

These stores have been so successful that their suppliers have flown other European retailers over to show and demonstrate the stores as exemplars of how they should be doing the same!


As a progressive jewellery retailer in an extremely competitive market Argento has excelled, grown and succeeded were many others have failed or floundered.  Argento from it’s very inception has used and relied on Visual Edge to help, assist and provide them with the most up to date and appealing branding, identity and visual communications possible while always keeping faithful the the ethos of the company.

Visual Edge provided the original branding/logo for Argento as far back as 1997 and although many changes were considered over the intervening years, the company has ultimately remained true to the original branding concept to this day!  We believe that this is a true testament to the foresight and conviction shown by Visual Edge towards the initial vision of ‘simple sophistication’ held by Argento’s founder and owner Pete Boyle.

Argento has recently undertaken a complete and comprehensive refurbishment of all it’s stores, Visual Edge provides for every aspect of the branding chain from planning, design, concept delivery, problem solving, sourcing, technical support, manufacturing, transportation logistics, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

To date Argento now has 25 stores located throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and is continually adding new stores.

Visual Edge has repeatedly and continuously provided it’s complete and comprehensive branding services, digital signage and specialist lighting to every one of these store locations

We are justifiably proud of our small but very important contribution to the continued success of Argento by offering appealing, sophisticated and seductive retail environments which, are so vital in todays business successes

You can find out more about Argento here